14 Inspirational Quotes Every Equestrian Needs to Hear

January 16, 2023 3 min read

14 Inspirational Quotes Every Equestrian Needs to Hear

Living the equestrian life is a lot of work, but mostly it is a work of passion. It’s not a solo endeavor, and thus it encourages you to both lead and be vulnerable in order to make that strong connection with your beautiful horse. This experience opens up a lot of challenges but also a lot of very unique opportunities for both you and your riding partner.

Forging and nurturing a bond of trust between a human and a horse is truly a wonderful thing, and despite having this idea of being a graceful tandem through obstacles, working on being an accomplished equestrian can be daunting. The effort needed is great, but the rewards are greater 

Author Helen Keller said it best: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Equestrian is more than just the sport of horseback riding; it is the coming together of two beings, becoming one unit, and overcoming challenges together.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of having a tight relationship with your riding partner, and why living the equestrian lifedata-style is one of the most fulfilling journeys you can experience.

Topics that we’ll discuss include:


Nothing can break the bond between a rider and a horse!


Why is it important to create a strong bond of trust with your horse?

While you and your horse may initially like each other at first sight, it’s important to understand that your partner needs to know you as theirs. Find time to be in each other’s spaces, and that includes cleaning your horse’s stall, for starters. Brushing your horse is also a good way of connecting. Touch can go a long way in recognizing each other’s body language.

Knowing each other inside and out is mutually beneficial whether you’re just out to enjoy an afternoon ride or are in an arena for a competition. An article in Horse Illustrated notes a true connection is hugely beneficial to your horse’s “well-being and performance”. Sue McDonnell, M.S., Ph.D., CAAB, founding head of the University of Pennsylvania’s Equine Behavior Program, explains that while horses may not have an equivalent to the human definition of love, they create relationships based on comfort and trust. In a herd, they create pair bonds, and the same can happen between a human and a horse.

Creating this bond is a journey of defining what your horse likes and dislikes, being sensitive to their comfort, and being in a state of calmness and openness whenever you interact. As much as you can interpret your horse’s body language, so can they interpret yours, and coming from a place of positivity can help your horse understand that they're safe with you.

A good thing to remember is that when working with your horse, you’re not there to prove that you’re the boss. Doing so can actually set back the relationship you’ve built, especially since it’s not a one-way commitment and you’re trying to gain each other’s trust. Positive reinforcement and a consistently calm demeanor are the foundations of a strong bond.

When a horse trusts and respects you, they will want to be near you and will always be relaxed with you. They will accommodate your requests and will seem to enjoy doing so. If you compete in any equestrian sport, this bond will make you a unified team, trusting each other to keep one another safe and performing at your best.


The equestrian lifestyle is always filled with love and kindness!


Relatable inspirational horse quotes

Who doesn’t love horse quotes? Whether you’re an aspiring equestrian, a working athlete, or a new rider looking for encouragement, inspirational horse quotes can help give the morale boost that you need. Check out the ones we’ve picked for you below:


"Every time a horse let you up onto its back, it`s giving you its life. Every time." - Matthew Woodring Stover

Horseback riding is a display of utmost trust. Whether it’s in training or actual competition or even just having fun, this trust is always present.

"There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse." - R.S. Surtees

When you and your horse form a bond so close, no words need to be said. You become a single unit and move harmoniously towards the goal. 

“There is no better place to heal a broken heart than on the back of a horse.” - Missy Lyons

Sometimes, you seek comfort in silence, and a horse can be the silent companion you need. They require no explanations or justification, and simply accept you and your flaws.

“If you are fearful, a horse will back off. If you are calm and confident, it will come forward. For those who are often flattered or feared, the horse can be a welcome mirror of the best in human nature.” - Clare Balding

Horses can instinctively understand what their human companion is really like. It’s not so easily swayed by words, and prefers sincerity over flattery, like how all human relationships should be!

"All equestrians, if they last long enough, learn that riding in whatever form is a lifelong sport and art, an endeavor that is both familiar and new every time you take the horse out of his stall or pasture." - Jane Smiley

Nothing will ever come close to the pure joy and exhilaration of riding with a horse, either over an open field or in a disciplined setting of an arena. Every chance to ride is a discovery, a new adventure.


Simple acts of caring are the best!

"I believe that horses bring out the best in us. They judge us not by how we look, what we`re wearing or how powerful or rich we are, they judge us in terms of sensitivity, consistency, and patience. They demand standards of behavior and levels of kindness that we, as humans, then strive to maintain." - Clare Balding 

Caring for an animal is always built on a system of trust. To be openly sincere in your intentions often leads to the best course of action while hiding a motive behind what you present to others will often lead to mistrust.


“A great horse will change your life. The truly special ones define it…” – Author Unknown

Just like in human relationships, a relationship between a rider and their horse can be life-changing. Bringing out the best in each other should always be the purest intention in partnerships. 

“Horses do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Pat Parelli

Horse riding can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Just like people, horses need a lot of time and patience for them to realize you’re not there to hurt them. The most important thing is to be able to show how much you care.

"Equestrian art is the perfect understanding and harmony between horse and rider." – Nuno Oliveira 

Equestrian is a very complicated sport because while the audience can watch horses and riders jump over obstacles, what they don’t see is the time it took for the pair to build trust and understanding to reach a level close to perfection. 

“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and freedom.” – Sharon Ralls Lemon

Ask any rider around and they will tell you that there are very few situations that will ever compare to the feeling of joy and peace when on the saddle.

“You cannot train a horse with shouts and expect it to obey a whisper.” – Dagobert D. Runes

As mentioned, horses learn to trust a calm aura and a sincere intent. Animals, similar to humans, need patience and trust in order to fully accept something new to learn and that goes double for horses.

“The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.” – Author unknown

This quote does not just apply to equestrian nor the general care and keeping of horses, but is very relevant in other aspects of any rider. Many people are so used to having things in an instant, and this trickles unconsciously into dealing with life goals. It would explain why people become frustrated easily; because we want results at a snap. 

The things you want and what you do are all tied to some sort of time element. The more time you put into the effort and the work, the more accomplished you feel when you finally reach your goal. Not only have you gotten what you wanted, you’ve also learned a thing or two on the way to the finish line.


An art form created by trust, grace, and harmony between the rider and the horse.

“Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of Solitaire. It is a grand passion.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ask anyone who rides horses and they will tell you that it’s not just a mere hobby or a sport; it’s a lifedata-style. The rearing, care, and training of both horse and rider take years of dedication, not to mention the costs included. But despite all that, there is nothing like riding a horse and forming a bond with it. There’s a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and learning experiences to be had when one starts riding, and these go well beyond the arena or the stables. The rider forms a big part of a horse’s life, just as the horse becomes a big part of the rider’s life as well.

"A pony is a childhood dream. A horse is an adult treasure." – Rebecca Carroll

Most girls dream of owning a pony. The magical and adventure-filled daydreams of a young lass usually figure a gentle and cute steed to carry them off to lush green fields and quiet gurgling streams to rest. This fascination carries well into adulthood for some women who eventually get into equestrian and riding horses. From a small mount into a strong steed, the love and respect for their equine partner never changes, but burns even brighter. These experiences are meant to be treasured, and every woman will carry these memories long after she is no longer able to ride.

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