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KAVALLERIE gel pad works for both English and Western discipline. Many western riders claim that this saddle gel pad works perfectly fine with their saddles (you may check our amazon reviews) and provides essential cushioning but please be advised that this pad is mainly design for English saddles.

Nothing to worry about dirt, hair, and dust accumulating on the pad, it is because of its special TPR gel material, that makes the pad sticky on the first few days of use. This shock absorbent special Reiter gel makes the pad extremely pliable and impressionable to fit your horse/s back. Plus, you can just hose it off or dunk it in water bucket to easily clean the gel pad. No worries, as the stickiness will fade after multiple uses but will retain its anti-slip quality.

We will recommend KAVALLERIE Gel Pad Middle Riser. We already received same queries before from riders who have horses with deeply swayed back associated with horse muscle atrophy and Middle Riser with central riser pad and non-slip, shock absorbing properties works wonder to them. It is anatomically shaped to help support the saddle on dipped or sway backed horses. It provides the essential cushioning effect in the middle area of the saddle where pressure is often concentrated. Still, we would like to remind that if the swayed back is not severe you can opt between Middle Riser or Rear Riser model.

No, our gel pad is a non-staining pad, so it won't leave any stains on your saddle. The oily frame on the cardboard is not a discoloration from the pad but is oil secreted by the special TPR gel material. We assure you that this is a natural phenomenon. Don't worry.

We actually call it Rear Riser and front riser. The rear riser is thicker on the rear or back area of the pad or underneath the cantle area of the saddle, the back support is one inch thick. As for the front riser, it is the other way around, it is actually one inch thick in the front area or right under the pommel area of the saddle.

As to your query, you can definitely use it either way, lots of equestrians usually do, but we would still recommend you using it over a regular saddle pad to avoid horses hair from sticking/ accumulating to the pad during the first few days of use.

Depending on the type of pad you chose, you can still adjust the size. This pad is made with cutting edge technology so you can cut the pad easily to adjust to smaller saddle sizes.You can follow the cutting guide on the pad with scissor mark on it.

This saddle pad is way easy to clean, you can machine- and hand-washed it with just a bit of detergent. After, simply lay flat over a smooth surface to dry. Be sure to keep your gel pad relatively clean, built-up dirt, sweat, and hair could cause uncomfortable friction for the horse.

The length of the gel pad differs from each design, please email us to our support email : so that we can give you the full attachment of our KAVALLERIE gel pad size chart for you to have the exact measurement of the top line, flap length, flap width and rear cushion (Seat Saver/Middle Riser/Front Riser: 21 inches and Rear Riser: 20 inches, you can also check out each design and look for the size chart image in our amazon page. (Look for A-B measurement for the length of the top line)

YES, we have Rear Riser model. It raises the cantle area of the saddle. To help you further on this, here is our Rear Riser size guide: Top length (measure the curvature of top line) - 20 inches Flap Length (measure from the lowest point of topline to lowest point of flap) - 8 inches Rear Cushion (measure from the lowest point of panel to topline) - 7 inches Flap Width (measured horizontally across widest part of flap) - 5.9 inches Rear area's thickness is 1 inch and the other parts of the pad is 0.43 inch.

Definitely. Using KAVALLERIE gel pad is a very good idea. Since our pad is an anti-slip mold and fit, sticky and not slippery at all. The unique shape of this saddle pad also allows natural compression that conforms to the saddle's shape, making it usable with any saddle pad and saddle. Sometimes, it's all about the proper saddle location. Make sure that you placed it correctly together with your mustang soft saddle or any saturated saddle blanket and most importantly your saddles should be properly sized for your horse.

It will work on virtually anything... if the mule has NO withers, and would need a riser pad, consider one of the riser options for the best fit.You may contact us at so we could assist you in picking the right riser for your horse.

Yes, definitely! KAVALLERIE will work for Australian outrider outback saddle. The front fits the length of the saddle bars if there some overhang you can cut the edges to fit the saddle.

That's actually one functionality of KAVALLERIE gel pad, to keep your saddle in place. This pad is made with unique reiter gel material that prevents your saddle from slipping you just need to pick the right design to experience the best results! If you want you could talk to us more here: we would be happy to discuss all  KAVALLERIE gel pad functionalities.

 If the pad covered the under the surface of the saddle, it would be great. It is so soft that both you and the horse would be happy however make sure to use a thin pad underneath to keep horse hair from sticking to the pad. 

Absolutely. It can be used with or without a large saddle pad, also this pad is made with cutting-edge technology so you can trim the edges to fit smaller saddles.

Definitely! The FRONT riser is the best option to create a ridge on top of the minimal horse withers; this will keep the saddle from slipping

If you aim to take the pressure off the wither the FRONT risers is the best to use.It will also lift and balance out the saddle, to prevent rubs on the wither zone

We actually call it rear riser and front riser. Rear riser is thicker on the rear or back area of the pad or underneath the cantle area of the saddle ,the back support is one inch thick. As for the front riser it is the other way around , it is actually one inch thick on the front area or right under the pommel area of the saddle.

Taking off pressure on the wither, KAVALLERIE front Riser works 99.9% of the time , This ergonomic gel pad has minimal depth over the center so does not increase pressure under the pommel and releases pressure over the wither 

These pads are made to raise the front, middle, or back area. They do no change the side to side . Maybe the straight ( no lift) pad would offer some relief. I suggest one of th pads that have pockets to add shims. Correction for uneven sides requires a different type of pad.

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