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Middle Riser Anti-Slip Gel Half Pad - 2 Pack

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      • UNPARALLELED COMFORT AND STABILITY: Kavallerie Middle Riser pad is designed to give maximum protection and comfort for both rider and the horse with swayed back problems, provides essential cushioning on the middle area where pressure is often concentrated.
      • ANTI-SLIP MOLD AND FIT: An ergonomic gel pad that conforms with horse back and saddle shape making it usable for any type of saddle.
      • BREATHABLE AND SWEATPROOF PERFORMANCE: Air-perforated Reiter gel allows excess heat to escape through and prevents overheating which causes uncomfortable friction and discomfort.
      • SHOCK-ABSORBING GEL TECH: The special Kavallerie gel technology protects horse from impact and unwanted injuries from extended period of riding and performance.
      • EASY TO WASH AND MAINTAIN: This saddle pad can also be machine and hand-wash with just a bit of detergent. After, simply lay flat over on a smooth surface to air dry. This can also cut to fit smaller saddle.
      • One size:Full (can be cut to fit smaller size saddles)
      • Available in front and rear rise versions depending on your need.
      • Machine washed on gentle cycle (30 degrees C) or by hand with the light detergent.
      • Do not use harsh detergents.
      • Do not tumble dry.
      • Do not expose to direct heat or strong sunlight.
      • Flat dry only.

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