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About The Product

General Questions

In what discipline can I use this half pad?

Becuase of its sticky quality, do hairs and dirt accumulate to the pad easily?

What design is best suited for horses/ mare with deep swayed back and hollow shoulders?

hen I take off the product from the cardboard, it gets a big oily frame on it. Is that a discoloration? Will it leave marks on my saddle?

What does front riser and rear riser mean?

Can I use it over and under a regular pad?

There's the whole part of the pad after the first line that is exposed when I'm using my saddle and needs to be trimmed, can I cut this saddle pad?

How do we clean this half pad?

Do you ship Internationally?

The image shows length as 21" but the dimensions above are 1.5 x 20 x 25". How long is it?

Do you make a pad that raises the back of your saddle (a rear rise)?

Will this pad keep a mustang soft saddle from slipping when mounting?

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