Gel Pads

In what discipline can I use this half pad?

Becuase of its sticky quality, do hairs and dirt accumulate to the pad easily?

What design is best suited for horses/ mare with deep swayed back and hollow shoulders?

When I take off the product from the cardboard, it gets a big oily frame on it. Is that a discoloration? Will it leave marks on my saddle?

What does front riser and rear riser mean?

Can I use it over and under a regular pad?

There's the whole part of the pad after the first line that is exposed when I'm using my saddle and needs to be trimmed, can I cut this saddle pad?

How do we clean this half pad?

Do you ship Internationally?

The image shows length as 21" but the dimensions above are 1.5 x 20 x 25". How long is it?

Do you make a pad that raises the back of your saddle (a rear rise)?

Will this pad keep a mustang soft saddle from slipping when mounting?

Will this pad work on a mule?(having no virtually no withers)

Will it fit Australian outrider outback saddle?

My right leg is stronger than my left leg, so when I post the trot, my saddle slips to the right. Would this help to keep my saddle in place?

I usually put a thick western pad under a bareback pad for trail riding. Could I get away with just using this pad and the bareback pad?

Can this be used on a small pony or mini?

The description says the pad is "Anatomically molded" yet it appears completely flat/straight on the top line. What happens on high-withered horses?

If I have a flat back Friesian would you recommend the front riser pad?

What design is best suited for horses with slightly downhill conformation?

What does front riser and rear riser means?

Which type would take pressure off of the withers and/or directly behind them?

My horse has uneven shoulders. Which pad would work best?

Half Pads

In what discipline can I use this half pad?