Fleece-Lined Dressage Boots - Kavallerie Fleece-Lined Dressage Horse Boots
Fleece-Lined Dressage Horse Boots $64.99
Kavallerie dressage horse boots: fleece-lined faux leather woof brushing boots for training, jumping, riding, eventing - quick wear for breathable, lightweight & impact-Absorbing wrap. ✔ Offers sturdy protection for the horse's legs ✔ Shock-absorbing strike pad that reduces impact ✔ Prevents chafing on your horse’s legs ✔ Supports lower limbs, equalizes pressure and Protection against hard knocks
Pro-K Horse Dressage Boots - Kavallerie Pro-K Horse Dressage Boots
Pro-K Horse Dressage Boots $129.98
Kavallerie dressage boots for horses Pro-K 3D Air-Mesh horse boots, secure leg protection, lightweight and tough white & black dressage sports boots. ✔ A shell that withstands shocks ✔ Anatomically shaped and designed for dressage horses ✔ Absorbs shocks and offers extreme strike protection ✔ Breathable air vents that offer airflow around your horse's legs
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