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Fleece-Lined Leather Dressage Boots

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  • TOUGH OUTER FAUX LEATHER SHELL. Kavallerie's Brushing Boots is made from a high-quality leather material with fleece lining. The firm leather offers sturdy protection for the horse's legs. It has a strike pad that is impact-resistant and shaped to provide protection for the fetlock during brushing while giving some support during exercises. Fleece lining is soft and cozy for the horse; avoiding nipping on the horse's legs and offering comfort while being protected.
    FLEECE LINING MATERIAL COMFORT. Absorb impact and protects the fetlock and cannon bone from tension and injuries. The location of the tendons is prone bruising and brushing injuries as it is being hit by the hind legs during an extreme performance. This boot offers great support and shield from strikes and leg damage.
    Lightweight and Comfortable. The inside of the boots is lined with top-grade fleece that makes it look attractive and pleasing. It also has a great impact on the horse's performance. The soft fur prevents rubbing on the inside legs, supports lower limbs, evens out pressure and protects against knocks. It conforms more on the horse's legs, giving a nice warm comfortable feel on the horse. It is also absorbent making sure your horse stay away from getting sweaty and dampy.
    LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE. The fleece lined brushing boots is made from lightweight and top-grade materials ensuring maximum comfort to your horse. It cushions the horse's legs from force and blows; avoiding scrapes, bruises, and fractures caused by vigorous activities while allowing airflow to the horse's legs. It is lightweight to avoid burdening the horse; made with leather and fleece that adds comfort and protection altogether.
    EASY TO WEAR AND PREVENTS SLIPPAGE. The Triple Velcro Secure Lock straps provide maximum security and offer the perfect snug fit to your horse; a strong and nice grip that makes sure the boots doesn't move around and stay in place. It also prevents the boots from opening up during movement. It's easy to get on and off with elastic and flexible properties of the triple licking velcro straps.
    DURABLE AND CONVENIENT. Kavallerie brushing boots fit your horse precisely, avoiding water and dirt build up that can be uncomfortable for the horse. It doesn't shift during abrupt movements thanks to the triple-lock velcro that holds its place intact. The materials also do not tighten up when getting wet ensuring comfort and absolute support to your horse. Absolutely your partner in your daily riding activities.

  • Fleece-Lined Brushing Boots

    • Machine washed on gentle cycle (30 degrees C) or by hand with the light detergent.
    • Do not use harsh detergents.
    • Do not tumble dry.
    • Do not expose to direct heat or strong sunlight.
    • Flat dry only.

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