When Passion and Fashion Meet: Joslyn Jakoubek

When Passion and Fashion Meet: Joslyn Jakoubek

Image by Joslyn Jakoubek/@joslynj_equestrian

Joslyn Jakoubek is one of those women who knew what she wanted ever since she was young. She's the type of lady who proudly describes herself as "the horse crazy girl" (her words, not ours) who would take any opportunity and excuse to be close to a horse. What's ironic, however, is that she doesn't exactly fit the traditional mold that popular media paint equestrians as when she was still starting.

In fact, the mastermind behind the Fashion and Lifestyle Blog JoslynJEquestrian.net admits that getting into riding was a big challenge for her, especially during her younger days. However, just like anyone who is willing to bet their heart on something they truly love, she managed to jump through these obstacles and make a name for herself in this community, especially when it comes to the fields of lifestyle and fashion.

Get to know more about her below:

Image by Joslyn Jakoubek/@joslynj_equestrian

Q. When did you start riding? Was there ever a special moment when you realized that this is something you love doing?

As far back as I can remember, I was obsessed with horses. I grabbed any opportunity I had to be near one, feed one, or sit on one. Although I had been on a horse quite a few times as a kid, I didn't start taking riding lessons until middle school and even then, they were not very consistent. Being the second oldest of a family of eight children, there was definitely not a lot of money for horse-related things—and saving up my own money for lessons made for a bit of an inconsistent time period of riding for me. I rode more consistently in high school and college when I had the ability to get myself to and from places and had a job to pay for things.

Q. You are running a very amazing blog and Instagram account about equestrian fashion and lifestyle. What was your inspiration when you started it and what continues to push you to create new stories for it?

My inspiration for starting my Instagram account and blog is definitely my passion and love for horses, equestrian fashion and lifestyle, as well as the many amazing businesses and entrepreneurs that the equine industry is comprised of.
I studied Equine Science and Business at the Colorado State University, but my current career, being outside of the equine industry left me looking for an outlet to fulfill my passion. In addition to riding and competing on my horse Dolce, finding this path as an equestrian influencer and blogger has given me the opportunity to stay present in the industry that I love and keep my passion for it alive. It has given me the chance to continue this outside of my day job and to share my passion with other like minded men and women around the world.

Image by Joslyn Jakoubek/@joslynj_equestrian

Q. Fashion and Lifestyle are two things that seem to be tied effortlessly to being an equestrian. From the perspective of a blogger that specializes on them, what makes these two subjects relevant to the sport?

Well, I'm not really sure how specialized I am in them but I do find a tremendous amount of joy and fulfillment in seeing these two beautiful elements of the industry merge into one! Being able to combine my love for equestrian fashion and lifestyle with my love for horses and riding is truly a passion of mine and like many equestrians, there is just something special about that feeling you get when you and your horse are both looking and riding at your best.

Plus, seeing how the equestrian industry continues to evolve and stay present is fascinating to me. I think it's important for passionate riders to keep sharing how amazing this sport and lifestyle is and how much joy and happiness it can bring to men and women of all ages and backgrounds.

Q. From the perspective of a woman, what has riding brought into your life? Are there lessons that you learned from it?

It has definitely brought an incredible amount of joy into my life. From a very young age I knew that this was something I would never grow out of or lose interest in. It's taught me how important hard work and dedication is in achieving your goals. How important patience, love, and perseverance are in creating the level of trust that it takes to achieve a true partnership with your horse.

Also, it has reminded me that riding can truly impact your state of mind. Last July, my husband and I went through an incredible loss when our daughter was born 17 weeks premature and tragically passed away the following day. Nothing in my life so far had prepared me for that type of loss and heartache. Spending time at the barn and getting back to riding my horse Dolce was one of the things that helped bring a sense of normalcy to me during this time. In many ways, it helped my heart to heal. This sport that we love and this passion that we share for horses is an amazing thing. It has an incredible impact on our lives, our state of mind and our well being. In more ways than one, it has helped me to become the person I was meant to be.

Image by Joslyn Jakoubek/@joslynj_equestrian

Q. As a fashion and lifestyle equestrian blogger who loves her craft, what's one important message that you want to share with the community?

I think it's so important to be a positive and encouraging beacon to those around you. There are a lot of amazing people out there looking for inspiration and for a person to look up to, and I think that kindness and sincerity goes a long way in creating a positive atmosphere within the industry.

Q. Can you share some misconceptions about fashion and lifestyle in the field of horse riding?

I think a common misconception is that you must spend a lot of money to achieve a desired look for you and your horse. I don't think this has to be the case and I feel that finding affordable styling options can be very achievable. On the other hand, I do believe that the industry as a whole can always strive to improve in ways of making the equestrian lifestyle more inclusive to riders of all ages, sizes, backgrounds and lifestyles. Coming from a family that struggled quite a bit financially I have often thought about the stigma that is out there that you have to have money to afford this sport and I hope the industry continues to strive to make it more available to anyone who has a passion for it.

Q. Let's talk fashion! What are your non-negotiables when it comes to dressing up for a ride?

I have very curly hair and helmet hair is definitely a real thing for me so I love to have a cute hat to wear at the barn. And when I find one I like I'm definitely that person that buys the same one in multiple colors to match different riding outfits! I also love a nice belt that can really tie an outfit together!

Q. What's your top fashion tip for women who are also into this hobby?

I think it's important to make your style your own. There are so many options out there now that allow you to really discover what style suits you the most so don't ever feel like you have to conform to a certain look. Of course, in the realm of showing there are rules and guidelines that must be followed when it comes to attire, but in regards to your own personal riding style and fashion sense, make it your own and let your inner equestrian shine through! And who knows, you may inspire someone else along the way.

Q. What's your favorite Kavallerie tack? Why do you recommend it?

Image by Joslyn Jakoubek/@joslynj_equestrian


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