The Power of Color: Jamie Graham

The Power of Color: Jamie Graham

Image by Jamie Graham/@haybales.barbells

Jamie Graham is one of those riders who can fit the bill of being the perfect role model for everyone in the equestrian industry. The influencer and creator behind the fitness-themed horse-riding blog has managed to come up with a personal brand that is extremely stands out from the rest. She also has a strong story to tell, being a member of the women of color who rule the arena. Get to know her better in our exclusive interview with her for our Women of the Arena 2021 campaign.

Image by Jamie Graham/@haybales.barbells

Q. Let's talk about your blog, Haybales and Barbells. Why did you decide to start it? Can you share your inspiration for it?

I decided to start my blog to provide more equestrian fitness tips to others and also to have a space where I can share my own experiences and thoughts. I enjoy writing and have always wanted an outlet to express my creativity and I have used my blog to do so! I also enjoy sharing products that I have been enjoying to my audience through my blog.

Q. You've built a personal brand that offers a unique twist from what other equestrians offer. How do you think your content helps other women who share the same passion as yours?

I think my content helps equestrians understand that horse riding is a sport and just like any other sport, you need to cross train in order to become better athletes, to prevent injuries, and to become stronger. I post the same content on my Instagram account where I share some quick workouts that can help equestrians like me.
I am a huge advocate of body positivity and I reject the perception that you can see someone's fitness level and their health status just by looking at their size and their weight. I think my content provides equestrians with a space where they can feel welcome, where they can feel like they are not judged based on the way they look and that no matter what size they are, they can be fit, healthy and strong equestrians.

Image by Jamie Graham/@haybales.barbells

Q. How did your love affair with riding start?

My love affair with horses started when I was 10 years old, when my mom signed me up for horse riding lessons just for fun. I come from an extremely non-horsey family (I don't think my family has even touched a horse) but I was fortunate enough that my parents provided me lessons throughout my childhood.

Q. As an equestrian who is also a Woman of Color, what's one important message that you want to share with the community?

An important message I would like to share as an equestrian of color is to stay educated, do your research before forming a conclusion and to be empathetic and listen to the experiences of other equestrians of color.

Image by Jamie Graham/@haybales.barbells

Q. How do you think being an equestrian has empowered you as a woman?

Being an equestrian has definitely helped form the woman I am today. Horse riding is not just a physical sport, but it is just as challenging mentally. Knowing that I am simultaneously balancing my physical and mental abilities as well as controlling a 1000lb animal is definitely empowering.

Q. What are your five non-negotiable things when preparing for an arena show?

I haven't been to a show in a while, but 5 non-negotiables that I need to prepare for a show would definitely things that will make my horse look nice!

  • A nice clean saddle pad
  • Shiny boots for my horse
  • A bodyshine spray
  • Polished bridle and saddle
  • A clean grooming kit

Q. What's your favorite Kavallerie tack? Why do you recommend it?

Image by Jamie Graham/@haybales.barbells


My absolute favourite Kavellerie tack is currently the 3D Air-Mesh Fleece Lined Half Pad. My horse has been enjoying this product so much as it helps with his back because of all the cushion and padding it provides.

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