Gel Curb Chain Guard + Gel Bit Guard

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Soft and flexible bit accessories that can protect your horse from injuries while giving you gentle control.


✔ Keeps mouthpieces straight and comfortable.
✔ Made with soft and non-toxic materials with gel contour.
✔ Easy to put on and take off.
✔ Eases jaw impact during rides.
✔ Even distribution of pressure on the horse's jaw.
✔ Prevents moving of curb chains.
✔ Provides gentle control to the rider.
✔ Perfect fit for most bits.

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Comfort and Control in a Bundle

Best Comfort

Protect your horse's jaw from rubbing and injuries caused by ill-fitting bits. Our gel bit guard and chain guard are made with non-toxic materials and gel contours that prevent the moving of curb chains for your riding partner's comfort.

Superior, But Gentle Control

True control is not synonymous with too much pressure. Steer your horse in the right direction without having to worry about hurting them. This power duo stays on well but is also easy to remove. They're compatible with most bit guards, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which disciplines these Accessories can be used?

The Kavallerie Gel Bit Guard and Curb Chain Guard best used on both English and Western Disciplines.

Can I trust you?

If you trust Amazon, you can trust us. The entire purchase will be handled by Amazon, meaning you'll have access to Amazon's world-class customer service and refund policy.

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