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Seat Saver Anti-Slip Gel Pad + 3D Mesh Full Saddle Pad

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Solve saddle bridging and slipping problems with this duo of our best-selling gel and full mesh saddle pads. The combination of our innovative gel and mesh materials is exactly what you need to transform your rides and performance.


✔ Provides better saddle fit.

✔ Has an anti-slip mold that also prevents irritation.

✔ Made with shock-absorbing materials and technology.

✔ Designed with innovative airflows to prevent heat build-up.

✔ Comes in elegant designs ideal for events.

Real Claims with Real Results!

The secret lies in the combination of functionality and design. Our gel and full saddle pads are designed to conform with the back of your horse to provide a better fit and offer shock absorption.

My mare has always hated being saddled. She is a gypsy and extremely wide, so it is hard to find anything to fit her. Even though I ride western I still use the pad and she loves it!!! She is more comfortable and thus more responsive to my cues. Thank you!!!!



Ronetta M.

I ABSOLUTELY love my pad! My mare does too! She's an 18 year old TB with withers like a shark fin! The front riser pads lifts my saddle off of her withers, giving her more room, and the shock absorbing function of the saddle protects her back, making my tiny little mare even happier with her ears forward the entire ride!



Kristin K.

Initially I was somewhat off-put by the texture. This pad was super sticky out of the package and stuck to itself while trying to remove it. However, after riding in it, the texture is no longer an issue and it seems to have lost its stickiness. I love the material; the squishy feeling is shock-absorbing and must feel fantastic on my gelding's back. The front riser/padding is just the correct thickness for my shark-finned, narrow Thoroughbred and filled in in the right places. I've used this pad under both my jump and dressage saddles and will definitely be sticking with it over my Ogilvy! It is much less bulky than most half pads advertised today and I would not hesitate to recommend it



Sage C.

I love this pad! It has changed everything about my ride. The first time I rode in the pad, my stiff QH mare that is always ill when we ride (Even after getting her saddle professionally fitted and trying multiple different pads), was a completely different horse! It was like someone had just changed her completely! Her movement was much more flowing and she was moving out freely, and was happy for the first time ever! I've tried it on my TB's, Warmbloods, and ponies, and it fits like a glove on all of them. It never slips and makes all of them so much more comfortable, for both rider and horse! Its build is really great too. It is very sticky when you first take it out but after a ride or two, it's not so much. But, even though it isn't, it never slips or slides or bunches up under the saddle (like with other brands that I've tried). Definitely a returning customer!



Karen L.

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How Do Our Full Saddle Pad and Gel Pad Work Together?

  1. Put your Full Saddle Pad on your horse.
  2. Place the Gel Pad above it. Since we are using an innovative gel material for our pads, using the half pad above the full saddle pad will prevent your horse's hair from sticking into the gel.
  3. Position your saddle properly on top of them.

Save on Thousands of Vet Bills

A trip to the vet can be heart-breaking for any rider. Not to mention, they are often expensive! Investing on a high-quality pair of tack like ours can lessen the possibility of vet visits because of the protection it offers to your horse against injuries and other discomforts.

A Reliable Gel Saddle Pad That Does it All

Made from soft yet strong materials that keep your saddle from moving, we put 100+ gel holes that prevent heat that causes too much sweating, discomfort, irritation, and skin sores. This is one gel saddle pad your horse will be happy to have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which disciplines these pads can be used?

The Kavallerie Seat Saver Gel pad and 3D mesh Full saddle pad are best used on both English and Western Disciplines.

Can I trust you?

If you trust Amazon, you can trust us. The entire purchase will be handled by Amazon, meaning you'll have access to Amazon's world-class customer service and refund policy.

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