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Classic Fetlock Boots

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  • Breathable and Micro-Perforated Boots. Designed with a maximum breathable core. Kavallerie Neo-Pro Air Elasto Classic Fetlock Boots material keeps horse's legs clean and dry and allows excessive heat build up from jumping and long hours of the trail ride to pass through its passive ventilating structure. This Micro-perforated neoprene material repels moisture that causes discomfort to your horses and dissipates heat quickly.
    Shock Absorbing and Impact Protection. Offer both protection and performance! It gives maximum support to the hind legs and prevents leg brushing, knocks, and abrasions. It allows extended freedom of movement and protects the hind fetlock joint on tight turns with its shock-absorbing strike area and flexible outer shell.
    Lightweight and Comfortable. Made up of light, flexible and high-quality material that ensures superior comfort.The lightweight material provides room for the legs to stretch during extreme rides or performance to prevent injuries and give unparalleled convenience to your horses.
    Easy to Wear and Slippage Prevention. Excellent Anti-slip and Anti-spin properties for both wet and dry weather. It ensures a secure fit to leg with its double Velcro system and easy fastening button.The elastic and durable strap closure keep the boots in place and allows quick and easy removal.
    Easy Maintenance. This pad is way easy to clean, just rinse it or hose off straight away after use then hand or machine wash at no more than 30° C. It is extremely durable and will surely last longer. Also, your satisfaction is our top priority so we offer an extended 90 Day Money Back Guarantee if it won't work for you in anyway. That's how confident we are that you will love Kavallerie boots! Get your own Kavallerie fetlock boots and make your horse happy!

  • Classic Fetlock Boots

    • Machine washed on gentle cycle (30 degrees C) or by hand with the light detergent.
    • Do not use harsh detergents.
    • Do not tumble dry.
    • Do not expose to direct heat or strong sunlight.
    • Flat dry only.

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