Front Riser Anti-Slip Gel Pad

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Low Withers

Low-withered horses, also known as mutton-withered horses, are those with sloping backs caused by underdeveloped slopes between the shoulder blades and the neck. Horses like this have no noticeable shoulder definition which can cause saddle slipping or rubbing by the front. Normal saddles can also pinch their backs because of the lack of wither definition.

A gel saddle pad like the Front Riser Anti-Slip Gel Pad works best for low-withered horses because it balances out the ride by providing extra padding on the front. It is also ideal for horses with high withers BUT are lacking muscle definition behind them.

For horses with prominent withers but lack muscles behind the withers. Works best for mutton withered horses.

  • Perfect for horses with high withers or poor muscle development.
  • Keeps the saddle secure.
  • Protects against rubs and soreness
  • Allows airflow and avoids overheating
  • ✨ 30 Days Money Back Guarantee ✨
  • Easy Product Caring Tips

    • Machine washed on gentle cycle (30 degrees C) or by hand with the light detergent.
    • Do not use harsh detergents.
    • Do not tumble dry.
    • Do not expose to direct heat or strong sunlight.
    • Flat dry only.

    Easy 1-2-3 maintenance!

    Kavallerie Saddle Gel Pads are made easy to clean.

    • Prevents dirt, sweat and hair build-up which can cause discomfort and friction to your horse.
    • Simply machine wash or hand wash the gel pad with mild detergent.
    • Lay it on a flat surface to dry. It'll look good as new afterwards!

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