Fleece-Lined Dressage Boots - Kavallerie Fleece-Lined Dressage Boots - Kavallerie
Fleece-Lined Dressage Horse Boots $64.99
Kavallerie dressage horse boots: fleece-lined faux leather woof brushing boots for training, jumping, riding, eventing - quick wear for breathable, lightweight & impact-Absorbing wrap. ✔ Offers sturdy protection for the horse's legs ✔ Shock-absorbing strike pad that reduces impact ✔ Prevents chafing on your horse’s legs ✔ Supports lower limbs, equalizes pressure and Protection against hard knocks
Pro-K Support Boots - Kavallerie Pro-K Support Boots - Kavallerie
Pro-K Support Boots $59.98
Kavallerie PRO-K support boots for horses - maximum protection & rehabilitation from injuries & strains of flexor tendon region for training, jumping, riding, and eventing. ✔ Designed to give maximum support and protection to the entire flexor tendon region ✔ Stability during daily or rigorous activities and decreases the chances of sustaining injuries ✔ Premium-grade shock-absorbing DuroArmour ✔ Anatomically-shaped to provide comfort and natural feel on the horse
Classic Fetlock Boots - Kavallerie Classic Fetlock Boots - Kavallerie
Classic Fetlock Boots $39.99
Kavallerie's classic fetlock boots, impact-absorbing and air-perforated material, durable & evenly distributes pressure, fetlock injury protection, non-slip with soft lining Show jumping boots. ✔ Designed with a maximum breathable core. ✔ Air-tech material keeps horse's legs clean and dry. ✔ Neoprene material maintains the regular air-flow. ✔ Shock Absorbing and Impact Protection. ✔ Excellent freedom of movement and protects the hind fetlock joint on tight turns. ✨ 30-day money-back guarantee ✨
Classic Bandage (4 units per pack) - Kavallerie Classic Bandage (4 units per pack) - Kavallerie
Classic Bandage (4 units per pack) $32.99
Kavallerie Polo Wraps for Horses: Leg Bandage for Exercising, Drilling & Training | Snug Breathable Material, Great for Injury Protection & Leg Support in Classic Black & White ✔ Excellent protection against scrapes and bruises ✔ Keep your horse free from dirt and debris, which causes infections and abrasions. ✔ Therapeutic, comfortable, and breathable bandages that don’t slip ✔  Heavy-duty, touch-tape closure allows easy wrapping, quick release and hold for longer ✨ 4 units per pack ✨
Classic Anti-Spin Bell Boots - Kavallerie Classic Anti-Spin Bell Boots - Kavallerie
Classic Anti-Spin Bell Boots $29.99
Features Size Care NO TURN BELL BOOTS & SLIPPAGE PREVENTION. Encloses your horse legs securely with a strong and thick strap bands closure to prevent spinning during activities and performances that require extreme movements. It stays firmly in place providing strike plates with non-slip properties. SHOCK ABSORBING AND IMPACT PROTECTION. Covers the entire hoof for maximum protection against injuries on the coronary band of your horse legs and allows great flexibility in movement perfect for cross country, hunting, and jumping and even practice or drills and prevents pulling shoes from overreaching. DURABLE & EASY TO USE. High-quality, heavy duty and water-resistant material that is suitable for any weather conditions. Easy to put on and take off with a quick-release band system for your convenience. BREATHABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT. Designed with lightweight neoprene material, which provides a high level of comfort to your horses.It also protects the horse’s lower leg or hoof from self inflicted impacts, knocks and abrasions. Breathable with micro-perforated holes to avoid overheating. EASY MAINTENANCE. Made up of easy-care neoprene, so you can just hose it off every after use, then hand or machine wash at no more than 30° C. For questions and sizing queries, you can reach us anytime at support@mykavallerie.com, our best customer support will be there to assist you! Add this to your tack collection and make your horse happy! Machine washed on gentle cycle (30 degrees C) or by hand with the light detergent. Do not use harsh detergents. Do not tumble dry. Do not expose to direct heat or strong sunlight. Flat dry only.
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